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Untitled by Kathleen Ralston
Untitled by Kathleen Ralston

23/Apr/2014 - 10/May/2014

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

An exhibition of paintings & collages by Kathleen Ralston

April 23 – May 10

OPENING DRINKINGS: Saturday 26 April, 2 - 4pm

Kathleen Ralston GEOMETRIC FORMS
Spareness and simplicity…

Kathleen Ralston has always been interested in ‘spareness’ and simplicity.

Influenced by the continuing tradition of Geometric Abstraction, Ralston’s images are intuitively formed, inspired by specific lived experiences, architectural structures, shadows on walls and the colours and textures of the sea.

Geometric Forms will include her collages that evoke, not depict, the urban built environment, by using found everyday, non-art materials and making them into urban geometric art forms.


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