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18/Sep/2013 - 5/Oct/2013

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

Paintings and drawing by artists of the Melbourne Studio School.

Hand and Eye

Opening Drinks Saturday 21 Septmeber, 4 - 6pm

This exhibition shows work made by artists who attend classes at Melbourne Studio School. Some are practicing artists who have regular exhibitions while others are students with less experience wishing to develop their work and vision.
Students at the school work with a variety of approaches and media in weekly classes. These classes favour an expressive approach which involves training the eye to see and the hand to express that seeing hence the title of the exhibition.
The classes pursue a gradual assimilation of skills that balance the observed with the imagined, two corners of an expressive triangle that culminate in a personal and authentic vision.
Work can be abstract or figurative or a combination of both. Work can be made from direct observation or from the imagination and memory. All work is undertaken within a spirit of enquiry and a desire to understand the ingredients necessary for dynamic pictorial composition.
In order to train the eye you must also train the hand.

Richard Birmingham


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