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Suzanne Davey - On the Way to
Suzanne Davey - On the Way to

21/Sep/2013 - 31/Oct/2013

VENUE: Rookwood Cemetary
Mark Aylward and Helen Stronac
Mark Aylward and Helen Stronac

Fifth annual Rookwood Sculpture Walk.
David McGuinness (with Kenneth
David McGuinness (with Kenneth

Anthony Alston - Birdhouse Coffins
Veronica Andrus-Blaskievics - Teardrops
Alexis Apfelbaum - Transformations I
Artists in Transit (in collaboration with Warren Armstrong) - A Float: Across the River
Mark Aylward and Helen Stronach - In loving Memory
Sarah Ballas - The Descent Of Wrath
Lee Bethel - War is Hell
Sandy Bliim - Clytie
Lisa Bowen - Lost and Found
Jane Burton Taylor - Clean Washing
Tammie Castles - Preservations
Gary Christian - The Traveller 1
Simon Alexander Cook - many mansions
Steve Croquett - Thistles
Jayanto Damanik - Conversations
Suzanne Davey - On the Way to Ithaca
Dongwang Fan - The Prayer
Stevie Fieldsend - Solve et Coagula
Stephen Hall - The Limner Returns
HGBL - QR code
Serena Horton - View
Erica Izard - Without you the party is over
JAM - Transcendence
Judith Kirby - Guardian Angels
Kimie Kitamura - Kodama
Melissa Laird - Windswept
Neil Laredo - Gate
Kelly-Ann Lees - Folium
Ad Long - Shoot (1 to 6)
David McGuinness (in collaboration with Kenneth Herrera) - Shade
Kelly Milton - Ex Libris
Liz O’Reilly - Untitled
Al Phemister - Kern
Myangah Pirate - Spirits Of The Elders, Yuin Grow’d
Rhonda Pryor - Reminders
Sharon Ridsdale - A Moment In Time
Christine Simpson - Aural Energy Field
Mary van den Berk - Tribute
Belinda Villani - The Cradle
Cecilia White - AWAY/A WAY
Sean Williams - The Watcher


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