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23/Nov/2012 - 21/Dec/2012

VENUE: Cessnock Regional Art Gallery

Four Artists explore the notion of Home.

HOME brings together four winners of the 2011 Sculpture in the Vineyards CRAG Award.

The exhibition explores the idea of home: is it safe? Is it warm and comforting? But the more you explore this exhibition, the more you realise that nothing is ever as it seems.

The JaM collective combines a soundscape with an eerily swaying, suspended room, asking visitors to question the very fabric of places which were once that of solace.

Dr Melissa Laird creates shrines of eerily assembled mementos, pieced together from found objects to create a Grandma's cabinet of hoarded trinkets.

Specimen-like organs by Tammie Castles capture memories of Cessnock's coal mining past, questioning what happens when a community loses the industry that created it.


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