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6/Aug/2014 - 23/Aug/2014

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

Sumptuous visual art by Nikki D'Emden

Illuminated Memories by Nikki D’Emden

Golden memories that illuminate…
After a nearly sell-out exhibition at “69 Smith Street” 2014, Nikki D’Emden is now sharing her sumptuous new works in Illuminated Memories.
Her mixed media pieces are inspired by found objects and her interest in Asian art and artefacts.
Her practice involves predominantly the use of oil glazes over gold and silver leaf on wooden panels as well as mixed media works that combine oils paint and glazes, gold leaf, intaglio prints and found materials on canvas.
In a number of her works the transparency and ethereal quality of oil glazes layered over gold leaf comment on the fragility of our natural environment.
These are more than golden memories, they have a depth built of the actual material and allude to a poignant message about climatic effects and seasonal changes.

OPENING DRINKS: Saturday 9 August, 2 - 4pm (Free)
ARTIST TALK: Saturday 16 August, 2pm (Free)


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