Australian Art


13/Jul/2006 - 22/Jul/2006

VENUE: Vanguard Gallery

Dominique Hindmarsh
and Paul Maher. Recent Works: Images from the Everyday July 13th to 22nd 2006.
Opening night: 6-8pm Friday 14th July
sponsored by Amstel Premium Lager

Dominique Hindmarsh and Paul Maher studied 10 years ago at the College of Fine Arts University of New South Wales. Since then they have maintained a friendship and artistic dialogue, whilst developing their work independently they share an interest in interpreting their immediate surroundings as inspiration for their work.

In Dominique Hindmarsh’s work the viewer is invited to contemplate simple scenes of everyday life. We become intimate with otherwise anonymous members of the public. Vignettes of domestic life are depicted affectionately, featuring objects often considered mundane. Using pen and ink, oil and acrylic both on paper and canvas board, Dominique pays particular attention to line and colour.

Paul Maher’s pieces are primarily about the interplay between light and dark, the solid and ephemeral. Drawing from his local environment of Fitzroy, Northcote and Brunswick they chart a series of trips home. The scenes are set at the time when night and day are at an equal point of disappearing into each other. His paintings have echoes of early Fauvist pieces combined with computer game pixelation.


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