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Moonrise Brown Hill by RW88
Moonrise Brown Hill by RW88

5/Aug/2015 - 22/Aug/2015

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery
artwork by RW88
artwork by RW88

Ink and egg tempera landscapes by RW Eighty-Eight

A contemporary result from traditional techniques.
The question that needs to be asked is whether a traditional technique of drawing and painting can create the attention needed to turn the spectator into an active participant. This is an underlying goal of 88ís contemporary approach.
Working primarily in egg tempera and pen and ink, most of the pieces presented in this exhibition are landscapes which often depict a single figure who, although incidental to the landscape, is used to suggest isolation and perhaps a sense of vulnerability.
With a Masters in painting and etching from PRATT Institute in New York (1975) it is easy to see why his precise, detailed drawings resemble the mark making accomplished in etching. So finely executed, each artwork draws the viewer in to discover the nuances in the fine lines of shade. As a Fellow Member of the Royal SA Society of Arts since 1984 and a Principal Lecturer at the TAFE School of Design, 88 has participated and influenced the South Australian arts scene, with many students and exhibitions both in America and Australia.
The typical egg tempera takes several weeks to accomplish and is usually created from plein air sketches made on location. This is due to the quick drying time of the method, but the labour intensive approach is well worth the effort when seen in the resulting artwork.
The imagery he produces demonstrates a profound nostalgia for the vanishing landscape and strives to capture the spirit of the land. Although both approaches use intensive line work it is 88ís desire to achieve an underlying emotional impact that will stay with the viewer.
OPENING DRINKS: Saturday 8th August, 2 - 4pm. Music by Jennifer Eime (Cello)


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