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James Angus Falkensteins (deta
James Angus Falkensteins (deta

13/Sep/2006 - 26/Nov/2006

VENUE: Museum of Contemporary Art

The MCA presents a solo exhibition by leading Australian artist James Angus, including selected works from the last decade and new work made especially for the exhibiton

This exhibition presents a selection of works by Australian sculptor James Angus from the mid 1990s to the present. Born in Perth (1970), and based in Sydney and New York, Angus explores the physical properties of objects and their manipulation through his art. Iconic architectural forms are inverted or twisted, divided and then realigned in new symmetrical permutations.

Ordinary objects – a teapot, a soccer or basket ball – are literally turned inside out, dropped from a great height, or expanded to massive scale. Angus has also examined the aerodynamic properties of organic forms, such as the Manta ray. The wings and body of a mosquito, or a gorilla’s skull, thus become a series of stylised surfaces. Angus often uses computer modelling in the realisation of his works and consults mathematicians, engineers and biologists as part of their research process.

For his MCA project Angus presents key works encompassing a decade, including new work made especially for this exhibition. This represents the first Australian exhibition to bring together a selection of the artist’s works over time, and is accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue publication with commissioned essays. It is presented on Level 4 of the MCA and continues the Museum’s series of solo projects that explore the work of Australia’s leading, innovative contemporary practitioners.

Shangri-La at Sydney Opera House
This major installation will be on display at the Sydney Opera House for the duration of the exhibition.
Wednesday-Saturday, 12-5pm. Free Admission
Supported by Michael Whitworth and Dr Candida Bruce.


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Private collection, © the artist Photograph: Adam Reich


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