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Bee eater with grub, Jim Thoms
Bee eater with grub, Jim Thoms

29/Oct/2004 - 28/Nov/2004

VENUE: Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Jim Thomson internationally renowned wildlife photographer presents Australian Wildlife

Jim Thomson started his Photography back in the 60s, planning a trip back to Scotland he approached a friend of his late Father by the name of Ted Hinchcliffe on obtaining a camera to record some of the great landscapes to be had in Scotland,on his return to Australia Thomson joined the Maitland Camera Club,and started working on Mono Prints. After some time he took an interest in wildlife which he has continued to do till the present day.
After a few years experience with the Camera club, he eventually started exhibiting in National exhibition with considerable success, and then Internationals throughout the World, which he still does, winning major awards in most. In the early 90s he was made a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and in the same year was made a Fellow of the Australian Photographic Society.


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