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22/Jun/2012 - 26/Aug/2012

VENUE: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Dawn of modern Japanese design.

Kamisaka Sekka (1866-1942) was one of Japan’s leading artists, designers and art instructors. His bold, visually dynamic designs and innovative approach to production made him one of the great visionaries of modern Japanese art and design.

Sekka’s paintings on scrolls and screens, drawings for lacquerware decoration, ceramics and textiles revived the decorative tradition of Rinpa – a quintessentially Japanese style originating in the early 17th century.

The exhibition explores the Rinpa tradition, with works by early masters displayed alongside Sekka’s innovative interpretations. The enduring appeal of both Sekka and the Rinpa style is revealed through a display of contemporary Japanese art, fashion and craft design, including works from artists such as Ai Yamaguchi and fashion designer Akira Isogawa.

With loans from the Hosomi Museum in Kyoto and private collections this is the first exhibition in Australia to showcase Sekka’s exquisite work and the exceptional Japanese sense for design.


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