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Betwixt 3, Aquatint
Betwixt 3, Aquatint

31/Mar/2011 - 29/May/2011

VENUE: Falkner Gallery
Mama Mia -Aquatint
Mama Mia -Aquatint

Echidna - Aquatint
Echidna - Aquatint

Liz Caffin’s exhibition of aquatints entitled ‘La giterella’ demonstrates her usual technical skill and heightened sense of whimsy.
Her ‘pressing issue’ is best described in her own words:
‘One of the big questions about life in Australia is: why do people not notice the presence of Italy in our environment?
It is our native animals that understand and enjoy the surprise of finding Italy all around us.
While we walk blithely by, not looking up, the wedge-tailed eagle is happy to nest in a gondola that has come to rest on the top of a power pole.
The platypus favours the Venetian type doorway for its residential burrow and embellishes its waterside location with gondola poles; the magpie uses those old Roman columns in the paddock as a convenient perch for greeting the dawn, and the emu is eager to dance with Pulcinella, the Italian clown.

We should go for a walk one night. Perhaps we would be as stunned as the sugar glider to see Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine gliding past. And, if we are keen on helping our wildlife by putting up nesting boxes, we should have a look at how the Tuan always chooses an Italian nesting box in the shape of a caravan.’ L.Caffin 2011

Liz Caffin's aquatints, filled with humorous glimpses of our native animals, will help you to open your eyes and enjoy the way our creatures appreciate Italian culture.


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