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16/Jul/2014 - 2/Aug/2014

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

Sureal and epic paintings of stone people merging with nature...

Life in the Garden of Stone
Debut exhibition by Stuart Amos
OPENING DRINKS Saturday 19 July, 2 - 4pm

The growth and destruction of the natural world…
In his debut exhibition, Stuart Amos is exploring the relationship between human constructs and the natural world. ‘Life in the Garden of Stone’ refers to a collection of statues that are neither stone nor human but both.
A symbolic battle rages between destruction and ultimate regrowth. Each painting juxtaposes the cycle of life and death through the impact of humanity on nature and vice versa as an expression of eternal hope.

“I am drawn to realism but also utilize surrealist elements in my work to give a sense of unease… I want the viewer to wonder how the subject arrived in its present state.”

Amos has chosen oil on canvas as a traditional medium to support his epic vision. As well as multiple canvases for one image, he works mainly in large scale. A graphic artist by trade, Stuart Amos, is an exemplary example of learning his craft by observation and long hours of practice.

“My influences are foremost inspired by the growth and destruction of the natural world as well as that of human endeavours.”


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