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Claudio Petri, Australia
Claudio Petri, Australia

19/Nov/2014 - 6/Dec/2014

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

An exhibition by intellectually disabled artists from Araluen.

“Magic Landscape”, the annual gala exhibition of Araluen Artists held at Cambridge Studio Gallery, will consider the meaning of the term “landscape”.
Art making is an important form of self-expression for people with limited or no vocal ability, allowing them to convey a sense of self to the world. Hence each artwork, whether abstract or representational, is a reflection of the individual’s ‘personal landscape’, the base formed by emotions, ideas, observations, memories and personal circumstance as much as by visual perception.
At Araluen, one of Melbourne’s biggest service providers for adult’s with intellectual disabilities, there’s an understanding that people can say much without words and a broad appreciation for the power of art as a tool of social connection – that which could be seen as a disability is embraced for its strength, beauty and merit when alternate methods of communication are sought and achieved. Art makes a statement regarding what is magical and special about each individual.
The one hundred artists working in Araluen’s studios all draw from their inner world for inspiration to varying degrees, following their instincts with minimal visual or external reference. All focus on honing a unique personal style that reflects their ability, originality and personality. The high quality work produced in Araluen’s studios is noted for its spontaneous, fresh, unpremeditated qualities and provides a unique offering to the cultural landscape.
The show will take a retrospective look at archived work produced by some of Araluen’s most popular and well-established artists. It will feature drawings, paintings and mixed media pieces as well as a few surprises!
OPENING DRINKS: Saturday 22 November, 2 – 4pm


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