Australian Art


15/Jul/2015 - 1/Aug/2015

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

An exhibition of Paintings and sculpture by the Melbourne Studio School

“Great art of the past give us a wealth of possibilities in our endeavours to make new and authentic works of art.” Richard Birmingham, founder of the Melbourne Studio School.
For this exhibition, artists from the Melbourne Studio School, have used a masterwork as source material to explore expressive territories within the tradition of painting, drawing and sculpture. This tradition is nourished through an ongoing dialogue with art from the past. Artists unashamedly mine the rich vein of ideas and techniques through the study of masterworks both past and recent. A process where constant re-visiting and building on past achievements inspires a deeper understanding and a renewed vitality in their contemporary practice.
The Melbourne Studio School was established by Richard Birmingham (a VCA graduate and artist from the Roar Studios,
1980’s) to offer a process driven artistic environment where outcome isn’t as important as process. The artists participating in “Mining Art History”, have examined figuration, landscape and still life themes in a variety of media to offer patrons of CS Gallery bold, colourful and abstracted works that are expected from the Melbourne Studio School.
OPENING DRINKS: Saturday 18 July 2 – 4pm


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