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Why? 04
Why? 04

1/Jul/2005 - 24/Jul/2005

VENUE: Kinross Arts

An exhibition of recent digital art work by Neil Howe.

"BODYSCAPES are created in a computer through a process whereby photographic images of the human body are transformed into a landscape that is richly varied in form and texture, in essence a digital life matrix populated with simulated organic forms existing in a black void of space bathed in the silver white light of the creator program.

So BODYSCAPES is about landscapes in and of the body, this is to do with both form and meaning, and might also encompass the body politic as well as politics of the body. In other words I present both the microcosm of the human form as well as the macrocosm of humanity, its strengths, weaknesses, beauty, ugliness, foibles, goodness and evil."
- Neil Howe


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