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Stella & Collins
Stella & Collins

17/Feb/2005 - 3/Mar/2005

VENUE: Vanguard Gallery

Nick Stella and John Collins are both abstract minimalists, the idea that forms and colour in themselves can move the spectator, underlies their work. An aura of calm beauty emanates from the purity of the art of these men.

-Nick's sculptures in wood celebrate the natural beauty of the medium and his mixed media works extend this passion into two dimensions by incorporating wafer thin timber veneer. The twisting and contorting organic shapes he uses represent the turning paths in life and the struggle between what's natural and man made.

-John's geometric forms provide the vehicle for his obsession with pure aesthetics, indifferent to social, political or religious commentary. He creates painterly environments in which architectural forms and shapes exist, expressing himself through a pictorial language that treats texture, colour, tone and geometry with equal concern.


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