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Mrs Cynthia St Lawrence Hopeto
Mrs Cynthia St Lawrence Hopeto

3/Dec/2004 - 18/Jan/2005

VENUE: Maitland Regional Art Gallery

Retrospective of Nigel Thomson, Critical Realist Painter, 1945-1999.

The work of Nigel Thomson, when viewed retrospectively, shows a distinct and powerful style which speaks with a contemporary voice and follows several themes and contradictions. One is his love of the traditions and techniques of fine art oil painting in contrast with his enjoyment of the shocking and notorious. The subjects of his paintings show an ironic view of Australian society and a decidedly black sense of humour. His wry but compassionate portraits of people and their struggles with life's vicissitudes echo his concern about injustice and callousness in humanity. This exhibition reevaluates Nigel Thomson's powerful work and unique vision.


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