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Eileen Gruen, Sienna Dream
Eileen Gruen, Sienna Dream

4/Oct/2017 - 22/Oct/2017

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery
Anne Warren, Bird with red ber
Anne Warren, Bird with red ber

A biannual exhibition by the OBA (Out of the Box Artist) group that explores concepts of contemporary and historical culture.
Beryl White,
Beryl White,

Out of the Box Group,
Kerstin Cuming, Susan Gibson, Eileen Gruen, Virginia McNamara, Kathy Signarkis, Anne Warren, Beryl White and Evelyn Young.
4 to 22 October, 2017
Opening: Sunday 8 October, 2 – 4pm

Now and then as a statement means occasionally, from time to time, not often… but for the Out of the Box Group of artists, it means new and old, present and past, contemporary and historic. Always fascinating and diverse (the Out of the Box group) bring a broad range of mediums such as glass work, photography, painting, drawing and works on mixed media such as wallpaper and watercolour in the interpretation of this theme.
The collection of works created for this exhibition create a cross section of contemporary culture, an analysis of the passage of time…
Kerstin Cuming’s mixed media abstracts use inspirational writing, quotes and poetry as a starting point, while Virginia McNamara is inspired by form as she explores digital and analogue photography. Vibrant paintings by Evelyn Young document the juxta position of old and new architecture in Melbourne. Memory as a concept of time past is adopted by Beryl White in her oil paintings as well as by Eileen Gruen in her layered glass works. Kathy Signarkis draws directly on the past by recycling her old works and builds anew upon them. Recycling as a theme for old is continued by Susan Gibson with her oil pastel pieces on reclaimed wallpaper. Abstract backgrounds are drawn over with delicate images by Anne Warren to complete the collection for Now and Then.
If ever in doubt of what is old and what is new this collection will enlighten you. Like Alice Through the Looking Glass you may tumble into an alternate universe; or loose sense of time; be mesmerised by representations of what it is to be ephemeral; or awaken to past history found in solid shapes and forms.


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