Australian Art


1/Dec/2011 - 19/Feb/2011

VENUE: Falkner Gallery

Paintings and linocuts by ANITA LAURENCE

The linocuts and paintings by Anita Laurence in ‘Paradise and Other Places’ tell a story. Her inspiration comes from the developed, settled districts around her home in King Valley and other places she visits. Her works appear simple but Anita relies on her innate control of graphic pattern-making to make meaningful statements about her world.
Individual images - trees, hills, vineyards, churches and orchards have an almost child-like simplicity. They are repeated and layered as horizontal bands transforming the literal landscape into decorative patterns in the same way Egyptian wall painting did 5000 years ago. Her linocuts ‘Paradise’ and ‘Sacred Places, Mildura’ contain recognisable images and icons of the Sunraysia district in Victoria while ‘Cork City’ is the result of her experiences travelling in Ireland.
In all her works Anita Laurence uses patterns and repetition to convey meaning.


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