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Emma Hack
Emma Hack

10/Apr/2010 - 16/May/2010

VENUE: Cessnock Regional Art Gallery

What are the collaborative narrative possibilities between text and movement? How does poetry influence the reading of the movement language? How do we read the body?
Emma Hack
Emma Hack

Installation by Sue Healy

Photographs by Emma Hack

10 April - 16 May 2010

A single screen/double projection installation by Sue Healy that juxtaposes a filmed dancer with a poem and a series of photographs by Emma Hack that explore the possibilites of the painted body set up a dialogue in the gallery.

The installation offers a cinematic and spatial rendering of the body and the text of the poem. Inspired by the whimsical nature of the text, curious animations of bones and organs partner the dance, revealing the body for scrutiny. Emma Hack's photographs document her engagement with the body. Merging the painted body with its surrounds the images challenge our accepted reading of the body in space and exploring themes associated with camouflage, tattoo art, decoration and adornment.


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