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Tuscany by  Colle D
Tuscany by Colle D

4/Nov/2010 - 30/Jan/2011

VENUE: Falkner Gallery
Ruisseau by ANDRE MEYER, Etchi
Ruisseau by ANDRE MEYER, Etchi

Etchings by ANDRE MEYER [French], Collages by DANIE FAURIE [French] , Watercolours by COLLE D'ANCHISE [Italian] and COLOMBO MOUNER [Italian],
Une Haie by ANDRE MEYER, Etchi
Une Haie by ANDRE MEYER, Etchi

A series of works on paper collected by Dale Falkner on her recent trip to France and Italy. Exquisite miniature etchings by noted French printmaker Andre Meyer capture the French landscape, flowers and insects in minute detail. Andre has exhibited widely throughout Europe; this is his first exhibition in Australia.
In addition are several small semi-abstract collages by French artist Danie Faurie and watercolours of Tuscan landscapes and Still Lifes by Italian artists Colombo Mouner and Colle D’Anchise.


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