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Missoula Horse -gum bichromate
Missoula Horse -gum bichromate

5/Nov/2009 - 31/Jan/2010

VENUE: Falkner Gallery
Delicate Decay -albumen print
Delicate Decay -albumen print

Photographic prints in gum bichromate, salt and albumen
Paris Horse - gum bichromate p
Paris Horse - gum bichromate p

‘Reflection of Time’ by Ellie Young, a photographic artist from Trentham East. Her salt, albumen and gum bichromate prints draw from the art, craft and science of traditional, alternative and early photography.
Her images are reflections of time, both present and past.

Salt printing refers to the positive printing procedure invented by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1834. Talbot’s fascination with science and art led him to develop the first negative/positive photographic process.
Albumen is a salted paper print with an albumen binder developed in 1850 by Louis Desire Blanquart- Evrard. Albumen became the dominant form of photographic printing from 1855 to the turn of the 20th Century.
Ellie’s images in salt and albumen are contact printed from traditional 8 x 10 inch camera negatives and the prints are toned in gold and palladium for permanence. They offer a timeless quality, reflecting the natural world though the exploration of texture, shape and design.
The Gum Bichromate process allows colour printing from black & white contact negatives in numerous colours allowing a high degree of artistic control in this beautiful printmaking process. Colour layers are built up by repeating the coatings with careful registration. In 1839 Mungo Ponton discovered the light sensitivity of dichromates. In 1858, John Pouncy used colored pigment with gum Arabic to create the first color images.
Ellie’s images using this process are colourful, carousel horses from another time and place. They invoke memories of childhood dreams, fun and laughter.
Ellie Young exhibits locally, nationally and internationally and has works in private and public collections around the world.


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