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Turning her back on beauty.
Turning her back on beauty.

17/Sep/2014 - 4/Oct/2014

VENUE: Cambridge Studio Gallery

Collages, paintings and sculptures by Ness Alexandra

Ness Alexandra
She Is…

It’s a question of beauty.
Ness Alexandra’s art practice is an exploration of the female psyche. Part of that exploration has seen her focus on domestic objects, creating a collection of Still Life’s that describe the interior of a woman’s world.
With this current exhibition, SHE IS…, Alexandra is delving into the realm of female expectations of body shape; commenting on the pressure mass media and the beauty industry places on women today. She has created body shapes that combine flat collages of magazine advertising with textural paint; over-laid nude paintings with dress patterns; and moulded beauty products with plaster to form bronzed mirrors.
With this exhibition, Alexandra is pushing the boundaries of how women are expected to conform to body image. She also produces beautiful still life’s and classic ink drawings that touch on her own psyche – one of discontent… "We need our discontent in order to feel and enjoy our desire, and if events do not conspire to make us feel dissatisfied, we will arrange our own privations.” L. O. Aranye Fradenburg. Sacrifice Your Love: Psychoanalysis, Historicism, Chaucer. p. 5.


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