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Shelfie, an exhibition of recent ceramic works by Liane Rossler, is on display at Annette Larkin Fine Art as part of Art Month Sydney 2015.

Shelfie sees Rossler's signature style, developed over the last three decades, realised in a series of objects that are highly considered yet subtle and understated. Taking cues from the likes of painter Giorgio Morandi and his simplicity and restraint in tone and form, Rossler's work reflects an appreciation for the beauty in everyday objects and the quiet strength which emerges from stillness.

At the centre of Rossler's sustainable design practice is the imperative to transform raw materials into objects of both form and function while retaining the earthiness of their original constitution. As an artist, producing her work offers the solace of creative meditation whereby the spirit of the clay is manifested in timeless objects of multiple purpose. The simplicity and restraint of the objects allows the viewer to contemplate light, tone and shadow, and the relationship between objects.

In addition to Rossler's ceramics, included in the exhibition are special collaborations with artists Zan Wimberley and Louise Tuckwell. Tuckwell, similarly interested in balance and harmony, transposes the vibrancy and geometry of her non-objective painting with Rossler's objects. Wimberley has created a series of stereoscopes that allow the viewer to experience different ways of seeing. Her works capture the stillness of objects by presenting them in intimate focus. The three artists in the exhibition bring forward works that have emerged from a quiet and considered process.


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