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The measure of the land...
The measure of the land...

6/Oct/2011 - 27/Nov/2011

VENUE: Falkner Gallery
A place in the landscape
A place in the landscape

Paintings, Drawings, Etchings by CAROLE BULLOCK
Look deep and you will underst
Look deep and you will underst

For centuries the world over, artists have questioned and commented upon the relationship between mankind and nature. In Australia, after years of drought and then recent floods, they question whether we live in harmony or are at odds with our environment.
Does man impose himself on nature and always seem misplaced, lonely and alienated or does he blend easily with the beauty of the landscape and seem to be in balance and harmony?

This is the question posed by two contemporary artists in their exhibitions at Falkner Gallery, 6 October – 27 November.

In Carole Bullock’s exhibition, sensuous figures playfully hide amidst fallen boughs, lush river beds and majestic cliffs, always a part of and in harmony with their surroundings. Her large paintings, dramatic etchings and evocative drawings explore the linear energies seen or felt that run through everything, like a life force. She alludes to the strength and fragility of the world around us. Ideas are portrayed in the visual interplay of light and dark, positive and negative, in order to explore the tempestuous relationship between humankind and nature.
For over four decades, Carole has participated in international and national exhibitions. She has taught art, art history and theory for many years, and has also worked in related arts fields such as theatre [set design, costume and makeup], publishing [designing and illustrating] and couture fashion.
Her work is held in numerous collections both in Australia and overseas.


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