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Anticipating Life
Anticipating Life

4/Oct/2007 - 25/Nov/2007

VENUE: Falkner Gallery
Escarpment Life I
Escarpment Life I

Mixed media works on paper by MARGARET CROMB

An accomplished painter, printmaker and papermaker, Margaret Cromb has exhibited before at Falkner Gallery, displaying her aesthetic sensibilities, technical skill and keen appreciation of the landscape.
She is President of a Landcare group in outer Melbourne, manager of an indigenous plant nursery and a keen bushwalker. She is passionate about the Australian environment and her art works, whether paintings, woodcuts, etchings or mixed media, convey this. She and her works describe indigenous vegetation being crucial in providing a diversity of habitat for different plant and animal species. An area’s eco-system is dependant on a balanced mix of indigenous over-storey, under-storey and ground cover and her 20 works in the exhibition, many using her own hand-made paper, contain references to the native birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects that are sustained by this indigenous vegetation. Amidst the bush litter, there are precious signs of life.


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