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Juliana Hilton Oil
Juliana Hilton Oil

3/Sep/2009 - 1/Nov/2009

VENUE: Falkner Gallery
Shane Merry, Naked Forest, Scu
Shane Merry, Naked Forest, Scu

No Absinthe! but plenty of debate and local red at ‘The Artists’ Table’.
Judy Jones, Surface Shift, Woo
Judy Jones, Surface Shift, Woo

Throughout history, many groups of artists have regularly met together to eat, drink, discuss and argue about art concepts, issues, styles and techniques.

In Castlemaine, such a group has been meeting each week for a number of years; some members regularly, some more occasionally. Various local venues have been home to ‘the Friday night Art group’ over the years – The Screaming Carrot, Togs, the Albion, Saffs, the Railway, the Guildford, Templeton Café.
Art is always the main topic of discussion, followed closely by local gossip, food and wine!

In September and October, selected work by this diverse group will be exhibited at Falkner Gallery. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, etchings, collagraphs, ceramics and photographs demonstrating a range of styles, techniques and concepts will fill three gallery rooms. All work is for sale.

The artists are Jeremy Barrett, Kerry Cannon, Joseph Edelman, Suzanne Ferris, Susan Hellawell, Juliana Hilton, Judy Jones, Merion Merry, Shane Merry, Clodagh Norwood, Diana Orinda Burns, Robert Porteous, Jim Rowe, Leslie Thornton and Stanley Wong.
Each artist has been allocated a space – no theme, artform or style has been stipulated. Most of the artists exhibit professionally either in solo or group shows – this is the first time all 15 have exhibited together under the one roof.

Join the 15 artists for some animated and stimulating discussions about their work and Art in general.


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