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6/Oct/2004 - 31/Oct/2004

VENUE: 80 Gold Street
India Burpos
India Burpos

Photographic exhibition

“The Self is the Dancer” Photographs by Faye Boyes

You could be watching a film or a play, these brilliant wide format photographs give a feeling of cinematic art. The images aim to delight and intrigue the viewer as they act out their part in the play. “Light and dance, two themes recurrent in Faye’s exhibition, lure the audience into the movement and beauty of her stage”. Sarah Hassall 2004 (unpublished)
Faye worked and lived in India, her work inspired by Swami Muktananda's commentary on the sacred text, Shivasutra 3:9. "'The Self is the Dancer" exhibits photographs, not of named objects that have form and function, but of Shiva.
The nature of Shiva is portrayed in terms of the theatre, where He is the players, the costumes, the oratory, the author, the director, the hero and villain, indeed the theatre itself, acting all parts for His own delight and ecstasy.
This exhibition seeks to develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of the taking of the photograph and the subject of the photograph to Shiva’s play. The concept extends itself to the act of viewing.


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