Australian Art


28/Oct/2004 - 13/Nov/2004

VENUE: Phatspace@projekt

Exhibiting Artists- Deborah Garden, Danielle Coonan, Amanda Williams

Valentine’s Manifesto to Lust. Part Two: Exchanging Fluids by Deborah Garden

A performance & installation work, the second part in a series of four works, all focused on lust and desire. In Exchanging Fluids the focus is on the mouth, the sucking, spilling, receptive orifice. The first performance will be commence at 6pm on Thursday 28th of October and their will be a second performance on Saturday 30th October commencing at 2pm and continuing until approximately 6pm.

Danielle Coonan

Because fur trading was the second leading industry at the time, fur trading became an important part of the festival. It provided a golden opportunity for trappers and buyers to meet in Anchorage to ply their trade and cut out the middle-man. Trapping contests were held, and prizes were awarded for the longest fox, the best fox and the finest ermine pelts.

Amanda Williams
You Look Cheap in Makeup

Its as much about forgetting as it is remembering


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