Australian Art


12/Feb/2005 - 5/Mar/2005

VENUE: The Gladstone Hotel Artspace

Frances Feasey

Artist Statement

I love the chaotic nature of the Australian bush. I
relate to its untidiness, through of energetic mark
making and imagery. The tree landscape drawings and
paintings that I have recently produced are a
combination of the real and imaginary, with the main
feature often being an isolated tree. In one sense I
see the tree as conveying a feeling of isolation that
of the outsider, unable to relate to its environment.
However I like to think my work is more diverse then
My recent work is also about being able to see the
beauty of things within the chaos of our daily lives,
something I refer to often. This beauty is often
highlighted in the form of a pattern or structure
derived from the bush floor itself, or in the shape of
a detailed plant form.
I think I shall always draw inspiration from gum trees
and Australian forests because they are so individual
idiosyncratic, quite unlike the symmetrical shapes of
European trees in European landscapes.

I was born in Sydney 1975 but grew up in the country.
Currently living and working in Sydney NSW.
I have a bachelor of fine arts (hons) painting from
the College of Fine Arts UNSW.
Since 2003 I have supported the development of my
practice by teaching basic illustration part time at
the Sydney Graphics College.


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