Australian Art


5/Nov/2009 - 31/Jan/2010

VENUE: Falkner Gallery

A decorated alphabet

In the second downstairs gallery space is the exhibition ‘Written in Gold’ by Su Pearson from Kyneton.
Each of the twenty-six letters of the alphabet explores the richness of imagery and ornamentation of Medieval illuminators. The letters are based on examples from the 9th to the 15th Centuries and show the exuberance, humour and ingenuity of Medieval artists.
Each letter is painted on heavy HP FabrianoArtistica paper, using egg tempera, a traditional Medieval technique, and embellished in 23ct gold leaf. Intricate detail, vibrant colours, precious gold and a joyful depiction of life are evident making each painting an exquisite jewel. The whole gallery room glows, creating a tranquil, intimate and inspiring atmosphere.


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