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11/Jul/2008 - 23/Aug/2008


Grace Tan

envelop features one of Asia’s most exciting young designers, Singapore based Grace Tan.
After a successful career in fashion Grace started kwodrent in 2003 as a personal project to
explore fashion and design in a new light. Grace’s interpretation of form in fashion and nature creates a world of rigorous, repetitive shapes, curled and furled into elegant pieces. They are numbered in a series that has evolved each year for the past five years. In envelop, she continues to blur the lines between fashion, fine art and architecture.
Interested in promoting a dialogue through design, Grace has invited Singapore architecture firm FARMWORK to interpret the gallery space and structure in response to kwodrent; to envelop kwodrent within a new spatial experience just as kwodrent envelops the body in new ways.
Opening date: 17 July 2008


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