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The Cambridge Studio Gallery was established in 2007. The heritage listed building is a fabulous venue for wide variety of exhibitions featuring painting, works on paper and sculpture from emerging and established artists.

Bus Gallery: 52 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066 Melbourne VIC
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Director: Susan Gibson

Phone: 03 9486 0169

Email: Click here.

Open: Wednesday - Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm

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Gallery Type: Commercial



26-Apr-18 - 13-May-18
  Strangers in a Room

6-Dec-17 - 17-Dec-17
  Annual Christmas Show

15-Nov-17 - 3-Dec-17
  Artful Creatures by Janicke Johansen

15-Nov-17 - 3-Dec-17
  Mother Earth

25-Oct-17 - 2-Nov-17
  Mindscapes 2017

4-Oct-17 - 22-Oct-17
  Now and Then

5-Oct-16 - 23-Oct-16
  From the Familiar to the Unfamiliar

3-Aug-16 - 21-Aug-16

22-Jun-16 - 10-Jul-16

5-Aug-15 - 22-Aug-15
  In Contrast

15-Jul-15 - 1-Aug-15
  Mining Art History

8-Apr-15 - 18-Apr-15
  8 Shades of Play

4-Mar-15 - 21-Mar-15

19-Nov-14 - 6-Dec-14
  Magic Landscape"

29-Oct-14 - 15-Nov-14
  "heaven is as low as earth"

8-Oct-14 - 25-Oct-14
  1st View

17-Sep-14 - 4-Oct-14
  SHE IS...

6-Aug-14 - 23-Aug-14
  Illuminated Memories

16-Jul-14 - 2-Aug-14
  Life in the Garden of Stone

25-Jun-14 - 12-Jul-14

14-May-14 - 31-May-14

23-Apr-14 - 10-May-14

23-Apr-14 - 10-May-14
  Desert Marks

26-Mar-14 - 12-Apr-14
  As Within, So Without

5-Mar-14 - 22-Mar-14

11-Dec-13 - 18-Dec-13

20-Nov-13 - 7-Dec-13
  Small Wonders

30-Oct-13 - 16-Nov-13
  Recent Works-Jenny Scholes

9-Oct-13 - 26-Oct-13

18-Sep-13 - 5-Oct-13
  Hand and Eye

28-Aug-13 - 14-Sep-13
  A Journey in Stone by Jim Roberts

7-Aug-13 - 24-Aug-13
  "a number of things..."

17-Jul-13 - 3-Aug-13
  Face to Face with Asylum Seekers

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