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Rookwood Cemetery
Rookwood Cemetery

Rookwood Necropolis was established in 1867 and is one of the largest burial grounds in the world, covering an area of 283 hectares. With artefacts, structures and landscapes accumulated throughout its development, Rookwood Necropolis reflects the changing nature of Australia’s religious, social and cultural life over the last 150 years. The final resting place of over 1 million souls, Rookwood is a working cemetery where people of Sydney from all walks of life continue to bury their loved ones.

RMIT Gallery: Rookwood Cemetery, Rookwood, NSW 2141 Sydney NSW
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Phone: (02) 9746 2177

Open: Sunrise to Sunset

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Springtime in the Necropolis
Springtime in the Necropolis
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Rookwood Necropolis
Rookwood Necropolis

23-Sep-16 - 23-Oct-16
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21-Sep-13 - 31-Oct-13
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1-Sep-12 - 14-Oct-12

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