Hey, also knew once upon a time... in one of my past lives! =^..^=

he7ix Beneath you.
@jozu4483 @AshLinaDaniels Hey, also knew #MorseCode... once upon a time... in one of my past lives! =^..^=
_kyloben Scotland, United Kingdom
@ marx, durkheim and weber, you have ruined around 80 lives in the past week. I hope you're happy.
makailaxx city of trees, ca
lovin' so deeply, I feel it through all my past lives
lovin' so deeply, I feel it through all my past lives // it feels good, I'm never saying goodbye
TacticalTheGoon West Coast
In past lives I knew what was up @iunderachieve @joeyBADASS @FLYestintheeERA @MeechIsDEAD @erickarcelliott
dmccubbinx Ayr, Scotland
Cannot wait for a fresh start in 2017, put the past 2 years behind us and finally move on with our lives😆
alfredanchor Miami, FL
@klycward @thehill If Bush cud've prevented it which is not the case U'd be right on that point.But look at lives lost in past 8 yrs to date
DEAD RECKONING - Reincarnated in his killer’s body, on the run for his own murder, can he solve the riddle of his past lives? #SFFpit #SFT
anomalistnews The Super-Sargasso Sea
“I Used to Change Your Diapers” 2-year-old Baby Tells His Dad. Claims to Be #Reincarnation of His Grandfather
rhonda66powell Illinois
@madbradpotts @ZumbTees No one in my family lives past 70. Getting older doesn't bother me except for that. I look 35 and act 15 lol
@_kierangoodwin past lives by kesha
awakeningsnow Scottsdale
Releasing Your Blockages Class We all have had blockages in this and past lives. Yes blockages can and do carry...
EncasedShadow wandering
@sya_noganmore @pilferk @MarcStraight change it to a cold case. The cat detective IS the cat burglar but can't remember his past 8 lives.
Etiks89 Lagos, Nigeria
@She_gone_x ....and lives on past memories instead of facing the reality of the present in the relationship
JustAboutGlad Los Angeles, CA
I'm gonna talk about past lives on our date whether you like it or not
@LuigiRock5 @aigkenham I'd look forward to it so I could give him a swift kick in the balls. Sadly nothing I can call 'me' lives past death
@WCSDTweet All because WCSD does not take any responsibility for its actions. Past and present. They are a destroyer of lives.
david1uk2000uk Godalming
@claudelittner amazed Francis escaped again she must have been a cat in a past life with 9 lives
84stillcounting Morro Bay, CA
Won't agree both sides bad~Will agree GOP let American families down for past 8 years by refusing to make our lives…
dailygodislove USA
Family Walks Past Homeless Man, Husband's Actions Toward Him Change Their Lives Forever
Ryan_Hemkens facebook/google @Ryan Hemkens
Our lives are not our own, From womb to tomb we are bound to others in past and present, and by each crime and...
snugglypjm ♡ 주혁, 지민, 수호, 용국
B1A4 have been doing lives everyday for the past 4 days and it was a different member everyday, does it mean tomORROW IS CNU??
zahraelkhazragi UK
past lives couldn't ever hold me down lost love is sweeter when it's finally found
SheSoSprayed MARS
Ppl use past experiences against current situations and end up making the biggest mistakes of their lives
@SadieBoday @RoseAJacob @RabbiShmuley Imagine employers not able to see if person had violent or sex offender past
KevinMacD0ugall Sydney Mines, NS.
@Markus_MacD This was you in one of your past lives as a dino #saxosaurus
He's dead but reincarnated in his attacker’s body. On the run for his own murder, can he solve the riddle of his past lives? #SFFpit #SFT
_ZM199_ Bahrain
Am a person who lives in past..💔 its hard to forget past that meant everything for you and accept present that did nothing to you until now
lbmathura South Florida, USA
John Glenn dies at 95 via @TheWeek To live a long life suggests having created good karma is past lives.#RIP #Peace
ClaudeBrodesser Trenton, New Jersey
@TimDuffy Just as well: There's no such thing as "Carl's Sr." b/c no one who ever ordered the ½ Lb. Thickburger El Diablo lives past fifty.

Created: 8 Dec 2016