Hilda Rix Nicholas The fair

Hilda Rix Nicholas The fair musterer c 1935 Australian art from the 1930s

Tunnelbreeze Manchester UK Hilda Rix Nicholas, The fair musterer, (c. 1935) Australian art from the 1930s Personal Blog Photo Editor, Journalist, Copy editor. Linguist . BookShop on Etsy Manchester
nbygerard he/they/xe. 15+. aus. @chmclgaymance oh yeah it's wild bc I don't do anything wild with my paint. ive also noticed this insane drying time with alizarin crimson made by art spectrum it's a Australian artists oil painting brand and that pigment took months to be touch dry. tho gamblins alizarin crimson was fine! grant morrison and mcr are my only personality traits | 22 | priv: @repressedera

SouthernXander The meat shop @John_Stone_Art The attention to detail here is beautiful, the fact that his kit, with the steyr and the pistol (which name i cannot remember but it is australian issue) is amazing, only slight grip is the use of digital camo. other than that its a 9/10!!! I live in the meat shop I also play overwatch sometimes. je parle en peu français. RIP Roger, best rabbit ever. Horny on main. give me your cat pictures now.

Indounik Island of the Gods & all too much plastic In the heart of the City of Perth, sandwiched between the Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip and the Art Gallery of Western Australia is this little wetland that has frogs calling 24/7. As well as counting frogs, you can find yourself counting crows, @FrogIDAus. #FrogIDWeek Tweeting about this Bali life - the mystifying, the maddening, & the marvelous. 🌴

Tunnelbreeze Manchester UK "Raven" by Australian sculptor, Jonathan Leahey #art #sculpture #Australia Personal Blog Photo Editor, Journalist, Copy editor. Linguist . BookShop on Etsy Manchester
theufosecret The Wandjina, also written Wanjina and Wondjina and also known as Gulingi, are cloud and rain spirits from Australian Aboriginal mythology that are depicted prominently in rock art in Australia. #wandjina #alien #ancientaliens #australia #ufology #ufos #aliens👽 #theufosecret #ufos #uaps #music #fun #paranormal #ufo #hereforfun #bekind

nottheword Melbourne, Victoria @linaXpatel Wes Anderson is the default aesthetic for Australian agency art directors. Hopeful 🌏 | Owner/MD at @allornothingau | Host/Producer on @byteintoit on @3RRRFM | Committee member @CommsDeclare - #fossiladban | He-Him

CluesPaul Australia A New Airport environmental for Brisbane, this will be a state of the art . With New Airlines rushing to make it there Australian Home. Congrats to Air Services Australia Mr Greg Hood and QLD government working together for a better QLD. Moral compass is important. Fact Checked, The Truth Does Not Have Versions . The Opinions Expressed are Fact at The Time of Twitting. FACTS

dmkmtoday ✈️ @thebooksdesk @MicWink Ooh the Australian one was great but this one is art Analysis, reporting and coverage from across Southeast Asia twice a week. I didn’t unfollow you, this is a new account

SallyMGibbson Melbourne, Victoria, Australia @n8t_harris As an aside, the Heidelberg School of Australian impressionism included going into the bush to paint. They painted on cigar box lids because they were available & portable. Such art, poetry, music and other genres led to nationalism that was necessary for Australian federation. Barely-functioning human operating as an alt account for a misprogrammed bot. (DM me if you would prefer to follow equally dodgy Australian-based content.)

Neon_Lights10 @7Saki_Me Australian woman for next art confirmed Help what do I put here

corals_nft Australia The Australian digital art project dedicated to saving the #GreatBarrierReef We are bringing the reef to the world, and the world to the reef. #corals #coralreef #savethereef Coral NFT project utilising a blend of art & tech to raise awareness on the threat to GBR.
SKTDinosaurs South Australia, Australia @ElisesWritings I'm a bit diverse too. I write, but I also draw comics. If I pick an art/comic server, then I'm not in a writing one. If I pick a writing one, then I'm further from art/comics. Part of the reason I started on a general Australian one. But yes, we can def follow cross-server South Australian writer, comic artist, blanket-fort builder, chronic illness haver, cat owner, dinosaur appreciator, stealth bi. She/they.

CriderJillian 10-day SALE - RARE - original art by Australian Artists on Bluethumb Art. My artworks: A home needs art - to look & feel like home. Save 10% (code SAVE10 <$1500) or 15% (code SAVE15 >$1500) Ends 21 NOV: @bluethumbart #bluethumbbart I'm weird. I'm an artist.

Write_eo Tones and I (left-handed) @tonesandimusic #lefty #lefthanded #fan #art #fanart #artist #tonesandi #drawing #cartoon #character #design #cool #cute #singer #pencil #pen #quick #sketch #characterdesign #woman #portrait #face #music #australian #australia writer/ artist/ creator of things

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