Who do I talk to

Who do I talk to about an Australian version of Specifically with in the big chair and as his offsider If we could have that soon that would be great

False_Idol Adelaide, Australia Who do I talk to about an Australian version of @taskmaster ? Specifically with @shaunmicallef in the big chair and @mattstew_art as his offsider. If we could have that soon, that would be great. That guy with the face and beard. You know. The guy? With the beard?
artfinderlatest London Australian gum treeโ€ฆ by Graham Gercken #oil #painting #art @artfinder Latest works of #art from @Artfinder - the art marketplace #MakingArtWork. Also check out our robot curator @ArtfinderEmma
CarrotQuill Straya the fun thing about be australian is posting art when you finish it and having zero people to show it to cause all your friends live stateside or in europe LOL a collection of jumbled words and sharp feelings. born 1990, cursed with remembering. she/her. Carrot Quill is a pen name. Icon by @arlowarts.
FarlyDatau Manado, Indonesia Get my art printed on awesome products. Support me at Redbubble #RBandME: #findyourthing #redbubble #Australia #Australian #Qatar #Qatar2022 #QatarWorldCup2022 #QatarAirways #WorldCup #WorldCup2022 #WorldcupQatar2022 #soccer #football #tshirt #TShirtDay Freelance graphic designer and illustrator, NFT creator, martial arts and sports design specialist.
RobiulI3991382 #ArtDirectorEmailList Michael Weeks, sales manager at Australian help and Stateo fwriting People like when you use their name, so address them or their company by name in your subject line. Hi my name is md robiul islam. We are expert of social media marketing, digital marketing. So please contact us Latest Mailing Database.
josephlobianco Naarm, Australia Iโ€™m looking forward to this presentation: a visual language of Australian citizenship. In the beautiful Art Gallery in Ballarat, @LydonJane Language, literacy, policy and education; SE Asia esp Myanmar; Europe, esp Italy; peace and conflict studies, human rights advocacy; Australian things. RTโ‰ E.
excitablenugget Australia | she/he/they Greetings, all! I've made an MXTX server (TGCF-biased but all are welcome) for my fellow Australian fans! It's pretty empty right now, but come hang out, promote local art and (hopefully) discover events! Link in the tweet below ๐Ÿ‘‡ #mxtx #tgcf #MDZS #svsss It ain't gay to kiss the homies, as a treat ๐Ÿ’š 24 ๐Ÿ’š some mild nsfw and occasional strong language ๐Ÿ’š

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