kanye just shared open letter

kanye just shared open letter

MotorMouthMob Planet Earth
kanye just shared an open letter from dr. jan adams, who requested not to appear on the album cover but did offer t…

secretaeguk jkk;kth ♡.°୭̥
ASD is about spreading love and making people feel more confident about themselves. So how’s an artist’s death got…

StanleyM_ 2nd Floor
They are on the OrganizationX3 page but the name for that artist will be St.Stanley

Top requested artist over the last 7 days is Makino Yui, with 64 requests.

UKCrowdfundWeek United Kingdom, Worldwide
UK #art #crowdfund started - 'A fabulous book showcasing the art of Nancy Fouts'

wendih0 carwyn | he/him | 20
I’m making some pretty personal art and I’m not sure if it’s okay to post or not

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ART&TUR - Call for Films!

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The art of communication many fail to grasp 🤭

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Fashion Inspired By Witches From American Horror Story: Coven -

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American Fabric Finder